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Bad Strategy for Content Management

I have several blogs and wires I like to keep up with along with email newsletters and services like Google News Alerts.  One such resource is a publication created by Cylogy, Inc.,  a consulting firm, and is called CMS Wire.  The focus is on content management, which if anything, is a process we librarians should be involved in and, therefore, need to stay up to date on. 

As someone who has been involved in intranet redesign, I thought the recent post titled “Web Redesign is Bad Strategy” was interesting.  The author Gerry McGovern tells the story of the Joneses and the problems they have with managing their house (keeping it clean, etc.).  They decide to start a “Clean Sweep” project to make the house more liveable. 

McGovern likens a web site redesign to that type of project and further states that a good website (intranet) is managed as a process not a project and the organizations with web strategies, manage the process – not the project.  I agree on the need to manage web sites/intranets as a process, but I do believe that there are good reasons for doing a redesign including that the infrastructure needs updating.  Here I am talking more of a do over than a redesign.  Starting from the ground up but not without a strategy.

Those of us managing intranets or even slightly involved in the content management of an intranet, need to pay attention.  Developing an intranet strategy is the first step organizations need to take before they embark on changing their intranet.  What is your objective and what strategies will you use to meet that objective.  Heady stuff, but, oh so necessary.

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