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ILTA – International Legal Technology Association


I am getting ready today to go to ILTA 2007.  For those of you who are not familiar, ILTA is an association dedicated to the use of technology in law firms, corporate legal depts and government law offices.  I started attending about 4 years ago when I was asked to be on a panel.  It was such a good conference that I’ve kept going back.

What I find interesting about the conference is that there is so much offered for librarians supporting law offices and yet there are very few librarians who attend.  When I went 4 years ago, I could count the librarians on one hand.  This next week, it looks like I will need two hands to count.  This is a huge missed opportunity for our professional development. 

Granted, you may need to be a librarian working in knowledge management, supporting your marketing department, supporting conflicts and records, involved in the IT side in your organization, or wanting to know more about the issues facing CIOs (a smart thing to do if you report to a CIO) to be interested in attending.  Here’s a few programs being offered this year that might interest you:

The interesting thing is that these programs on offered on Monday and Tuesday along with other programming.  There are still two more days of the conference with lots more to learn.  One thing to remember when attending any of the programming is to have your mind set to look for what works for you from the presentations.  The programs that look like they may not be useful to you, can teach you something.  

To attend, you must be a member.  Membership for individuals is free if your organization belongs.  You can find out if your firm is a member by browsing through the Membership Status page.  This association sprung from LawNet which had its origins as the Wang user group.  It’s come a long way and is poised to become even more growth. 

 Because of it’s origins, it has always been directed at the IT department.   Now, it draws participants from accounting, marketing, litigation support, knowledge management, records & conflicts and others.  Participating in ILTA is a great way to network with your colleagues in other departments in your organization.

You don’t have to wait till next year’s conference to participate.  Besides the annual conference, ILTA offers year round programming in the form of regional programming and webinars.  They also publish whitepapers on various subjects.   You might be able to see that participating in this organization is a real bargain.  I hope to see more of you there next year. 

3 thoughts on “ILTA – International Legal Technology Association

  1. Nina, Thanks for the info. I’m in the process of getting my “free” ILTA membership now. Al


  2. I’ll be very interested to hear your take on the Knowledge Management sessions, as I am very interested in all of the sessions listed.


  3. Nina, I agree that attending ITLA is a positive for our profession. I too have attended meetings in the past, when I was stillpart of the IT Department.
    However, I think the problem for most of us is budget contraints. It is difficult justifying AALL and SLA let alone a third meeting.
    I love this site by the way. Very helpful even for us old dogs who do not want to learn new tricks!