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Law Librarians Place in Top 25 Library Blogs


Congratulations to Vancouver Law Librarian – Steve Matthews, Connie Crosby – Connie Crosby, Law Librarian Blog – Joe Hodnicki and Ron Jones (and crew),  for placing in the Top 25 Librarian Bloggers created by Online Education Database (OEDb) .   If I missed any others law librarians on the list, please leave a comment.

I do wonder how LawLibTech (Cindy Chick) and BeSpacific (Sabrina Pacifici) could be left off that list, as I think they are two important bloggers in the library world.  I wonder even more how Strategic Librarian could place even a meager 54 out of 55 after only 1.5 months in existence.  Awe, the mysteries of statistics…

3 thoughts on “Law Librarians Place in Top 25 Library Blogs

  1. I placed 24th, though like you wondered how certain people were left off the list.


  2. One of the keys is to name your blog ‘something Librarian’ – drives it up for the term ‘librarian’ in Google … one of the criteria. The combo of blog title, and link text from blogrolling, etc. bumps the rankings.

    Was fun to be included, but best not to read too much into it. 🙂


  3. Hi Nina:

    Blog metrics are extremely difficult to measure in a toe-to-toe competition like this. I appreciate all the new traffic it has brought to my blog, but as you mentioned there are a lot of big names out there that were missing (Meredith Farkas’ Information Wants to be Free and Michael Stephens’ Tame the Web just to name two). Still, I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth! With a little elbow grease perhaps I will grow into the honour.