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Keeping Up : Personal Current Awareness


There are many resources out there for us to read to keep up with the many interests we have for work and at home.  Let’s face it, there are too many and we have to stop somewhere to keep up but keep it manageable.  The following are the sources I look to regularly for information and updates about managing libraries, intranets, knowledge management, product development, strategic planning, and more.  I would be interested in sources you use to stay ahead of the curve.

Google News Alerts– “knowlege management” “content management” “enterprise 2.0” “competitive intelligence” – Google News tells me what’s new on Internet news web sites and blogs.  They generally contain no more than 10-12 news items and I can quickly tell if something interests me.  I could narrow the search to try and get specific news but this gives me what I want without too much noise.

Blogs – besides those that I list on my blog roll, I receive RSS feeds from APQC’s knowledge management blog, Bob Mixon’s Blog, CIO’s Knowledge Management, CMS Wire, Column Two, elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog, The Engaging Brand, The [non]billable hour by Matt Homan, Wired GC.  I receive these feeds and the feeds for the blogs in my blog roll using Newsgator for Outlook.  There are a few hiccups using it, but it is probably due to also accessing my small business software and Outlook tools from my Outlook as well. 

Online Publications – BNet Today, CIO,, Law Technology News, LLRX, The Mckinsey Quarterly, MALL Newsletter, MIT Sloan Management Review, PLL Newsletter, The Virtual Chase.  These tried and true publications are a must read for me.  I have access to a number of these publications online and in print but generally read them online only.

Print Publications – CI Magazine, eContent, Information Outlook, Inside Knowledge, KM LegalLaw Firm Inc.Law Library Journal, Spectrum, ToastMasters Magazine

In addition to these publications, I also keep up with a few listservs.  I have to admit that I don’t read all the articles in each pubication and sometimes they go unread for a week or so when I receive them by email or U.S. Mail.  I do know though, that the reading I do is a lifeline to staying in tune. 

Do you have suggestions for keeping up that is not listed here?

4 thoughts on “Keeping Up : Personal Current Awareness

  1. Nina, you mention Google News alerts which are great. I also use Google Blogsearch to create RSS feeds for search terms like “knowledge management” and “knowledge sharing” I find these very useful.


  2. Thanks James. Another great thing about Blog Search is that you can create a gadget of your search for your Google homepage if you have one. The link for doing so is one of the three links at the bottom of the results display. Here’s a link for a Strategic Librarian search based on the URL: that you get by clicking on the gadget link. Once you get there, you click on the Add to Google button. You have to set up a Google home page first. A nice feature for keeping up.


  3. One of my favorite print publications is Searcher magazine. I always learn something new.


  4. Thanks Martha.

    I find most of the Information Today publications very helpful. Other titles to mention from that publisher are KMWorld and a publication with the same name as the publisher, Information Today.