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The Web CMS Report 2008 Released by CMS Watch

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If you are shopping for a new content management system, you might want to spend some money up front to purchase the CMS Watch Web CMS Report 2008 on content management products and best practices.  The Table of Contents lists the following content:

  • Building the business case for a CMS
  • How CMS tools work
  • Product comparisons
  • Advice, pitfalls and best practices
  • Web content governance

If you aren’t ready to spend the money for the report just yet, their article Web CMS Trends for 2008, may provide some insight.  The first trend should provide some confidence for would-be shoppers who might be wondering if they are alone in their needs.  It starts:

“Customers are more willing to consider Web content management systems that couple content production and delivery — or put another way, systems that couple content management with website management. “

Seriously, I do think that today’s intranet/portal needs a robust content management system in place to distribute the work of content management to the content creators keeping content more up to date and relevant.  Some of the products reviewed in this report may be overkill for all but the largest firms, but there should be a solution for everyone.  The vendor list they provide breaks the vendors into various categories, some according to size.

One thought on “The Web CMS Report 2008 Released by CMS Watch

  1. For many of the CMS systems out there, there is something to be said about the “bus factor” in implementing them. Professional services are expensive, and it can be painful when the one person familiar with the system in a company gets hit by the proverbial bus (i.e. leaves the company).

    Because of this, the open source solutions tend to be the best way to go in my experience. There are usually more experts on the system, and good help can often be found for free.

    I must give some kudos to Microsoft’s new CMS features in SharePoint 2007, however. They have integrated well with the ASP.NET framework, making it easy for .NET developers without CMS experience to pick up.