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Law Firm Library Job Descriptions Database


We are diligently working on the company website where the plan is to provide resources for managing a library like articles, blog posting, surveys, job descriptions, etc.  One of the services we would like to provide is a job description database for law firm library positions.  This service will allow you to search for job descriptions by title, full-text and more.

I remember how many times I wished for samples of a job description when I was drafting a new one.  I’m guessing you have too.  I’d like to do something about it but can’t without your help.  If you would be willing to send your job descriptions, we will cleanse them of any mention of your firm, salary range, etc. and add them to the database.  The more firms that participate, the better the service.

The plan is to go live with the site by the end of the year.  To submit your job descriptions send an email to nplatt at ninaplatt dot com.   Send any questions to that email address as well.  We will send out another notice to those who participate when the database goes live.

2 thoughts on “Law Firm Library Job Descriptions Database

  1. Will the database be available to use for free?


  2. Yes, it will be free. I don’t have any intention of charging for this database.