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Competitive Intelligence: Using the Internet to Research Private Companies

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The Society of Competitive Intelligence (SCIP)is sponsoring another program on secondary research.  This time a one hour webinar, Using the Internet to Research Private Companies, on Wednesday, December 12th, 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST.  The posting states that you will know how to do the following upon completion of the webinar:

  • Develop a road map for secondary research
  • Dig deep into a company’s web presence
  • Use social networks and other tools to research people

Being a member of SCIP provides a generous discount from the non-member price of the webinar.  It also gives you monthly issues of the Competitive Intelligence (CI) magazine published by the group.  I’ve found it very useful.  Check out the benefits page for more information about membership.

 The more I see these types of programs being offered, the more it seems like this is the time to make a case for librarians as CI professionals.

What do you think?

One thought on “Competitive Intelligence: Using the Internet to Research Private Companies

  1. the active support that public and community-accessible college and university libraries provide to local businesses should be acknowledged when local economic development funds are being distributed – (it is unfortunate but likely that
    it would be a dead head on who would be more surprised at such a prospect, the local development community, or most of the librarians, themselves…) In fact, the support provided by these information professionals can contribute substantively to helping businesses find opportunities, and recognize threats-
    and STAY in business!