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We’ve Changed

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j0387759.jpgWe have a couple changes afoot here at Strategic Librarian.

First, as you have probably noticed, the look and feel of the site has changed.  I recently switched from IE 6 to IE 7 and found that the bullets in IE 7 didn’t display with the blog template I was using.  Since I am addicted to bullets in my writing, we needed to change the look and feel.

Second, we’ve created a new blog called The Law Firm Intranet.  While the current posts will stay on Strategic Librarian, going forward all postings on the topic of intranets and any knowledge management topic related to intranets, will be posted on that blog.  Please visit The Law Firm Intranet, or better yet,  when you get there, subscribe to get updates on what we have to share regarding law firm intranets.

Strategic Librarian will still be your go to place for all things related to strategic thinking, planning, library technology and other library management topics.

One thought on “We’ve Changed

  1. What a great idea! I’ll be monitoring both blogs.

    Here’s a Web development tip I’ve learned after more than 10 years managing The Virtual Chase: Keep several browsers, and even several versions of browsers, and occasionally test your site in them. Also run tests when you do something new. It’s amazing how differently they render a page.

    While I’m now fortunate enough to relegate this duty to our Web developer, if I had to do it myself, I would keep these browsers on my portable hard drive. I recently purchased a 160gb USB-powered hard drive so that I could do backups when I travel and carry around infrequently used programs without crowding my laptop drive. (And I can watch something other than the scheduled movie on the plane!) The drive is about the size of a PDA.