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PLL/SIS Toolkit – An Important Element for Implementing a Private Law Library Strategy

j0382971.jpgThe American Association of Law Libraries (“AALL”) and the Private Law Libraries Special Interest Section (“PLL”) have long been a good resource for a private law librarian who is looking for support in communicating needs to management and to their firm.  The PLL Toolkit, which was published years ago, was used by many librarians to inform decision makers about the library and its staff.  Available only in a print format, the Toolkit was greatly missed as it went out of print.

The PLL Resource Guide Series, Law Librarians : Making Information Work was directed at law firm administrators and managers who may be deciding to hire their first librarian or need information about space planning, the changing role of law librarians, and other topics. 

I used these publications to assist my administrator and firm leaders in their understanding of the value of the firm library.  The most successful use was in convincing the partner in charge of a branch office of the need to hire the first branch librarian at the firm.  The series continues to be available for sale almost 10 years after the initial publication.  While in need of some updating, it is still useful.

Fast forward to the present and we will find that PLL has once again published the PLL Toolkit, this time on the group’s web site.   Created by a team of private firm librarians, under the leadership of LaJean Humphries, Library Manager at Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, PC, the kit includes information on:

Most of the topics are accompanied by subject bibliographies outlining additional resources. 

I have to admit that I didn’t realize the wealth of information this toolkit represented until recently.   If you haven’t spent time reviewing the great information the Toolkit provides, I would recommend that you do so now.  You will be glad you did.

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