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More Interesting Times Ahead


Big news this week for both Thomson and LexisNexis as one moved ahead with a merger and the other began a process to scale back employment in the U.S. 

LexisNexis started out the week announcing layoffs and outsourcing.   The blog, Above the Law reported on the changes yesterday,

“According to Lexis spokesperson Sue D’Agostino, 215 of approximately 3,000 positions will be cut or outsourced in Dayton over the next 10 months, with another 75 positions being cut from some of the company’s other locations– Albany, Colorado Springs, New Providence, Newark, San Francisco, and Charlottesville.”

An article in Dayton Business Journal  earlier this week included a report on comments made late last year by a Reed Elsevier officer.  While layoffs in this economy shouldn’t be a surprise, it is disconcerting to see jobs move overseas:

“In a presentation given in Toronto late last year, former Reed Elsevier plc officer Sanjay Viswanathan gave a presentation that showed the LexisNexis parent company restructuring through 2010. The presentation shows the company will shift 900 jobs to China and India by the end of 2010.”

The news of the day though, is the long talked about merger of Thomson Corp and Reuters Group with stocks for the combined companies going on sale today, according to RTE Business:

“Shares of the company, formed by Thomson Corp’s $16 billion cash and stock purchase of Reuters Group, started trading in London, Toronto and New York this morning.”

You can learn more about that combined business at the new Thomson Reuters website –  I’m hoping that it is an oversight that Law Librarian is not listed as a profession along with lawyers, paralegals, etc. on the Legal division page as has been the case on the Thomson and Thomson West websites. 

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  1. Looks like the ran out of room, but it is a bit of an insult. Who do they think makes the purchase decisions?


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