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Getting to Know Your Client’s Needs : Using Surveys as a Marketing Tool

Nina Platt Consulting often works on projects that include customer research using web-based, telephone, and in-person surveys.  Asking your clients what they need is groundwork for deciding on services/products offered.  Your services or products will not be successful if you developed them in a vacuum without the knowledge that customer research provides.

As this is a topic central to what I do, I was pleased to be asked to present a webinar for Thomson West Librarian Relations during National Library Week in April. My topic was using surveys for customer/client research.   The audience was primarily librarians from private law libraries, so I used the topic of cost recovery as my example as I created a survey. 

To view a recording of the session go to the Thomson West Law Librarian Resource Center and click on Getting to Know Your Client’s Needs : Using Surveys as a Marketing Tool under What’s New.  If you are interested in the slides without the audio, click on the Slideshare view below.

Finally, to view the survey I created for demo purposes, go to  You will need to answer questions to get through the survey.  To see the results of the survey, go to

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