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NPCI’s New Blog – Electronic Resource Review

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I’ve tried to keep the focus of Strategic Librarian on leadership, management, planning, etc.  But, well, sometimes I’ve written posts about stray topics that I just can’t leave alone.  Improvements and developments in electronic research resources is one of those topics. 

Yesterday morning when I read the news about a new venture between Google and ProQuest, I decided we needed a new blog.  Electronic Resource Review’s (that’s the title for now although the staff at Nina Platt Consulting (NPCI) thinks it needs to be a bit catchier) focus as described in the tag-line is “news about new and existing electronic resources worth knowing about”.  That focus, along with brief posts that review and compare products, should prove for some interesting writing and reading.

Just like Strategic Librarian, you will be able to subscribe to the blog’s feed via a news reader or email.  Check it out, but remember to continue reading our other blogs as well.

~ Nina Platt

One thought on “NPCI’s New Blog – Electronic Resource Review

  1. I’m glad you’ve started up a blog on this subject. It seems to me that there is enough going on out there between Wexis developments, Justia, Public, and Precydent for there to be plenty to write about.

    I’ve had a few posts roughly in this space on my blog Caselines. To see the posts with the “search” tag (there is also an “enterprise search” tag for some reason) visit here: