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Using Web 2.0 Technologies

I talked about Web 2.0 technologies earlier this year in a review of MALL‘s spring meeting.  While I have been blogging for over a year, I still didn’t get many of the other technologies or I thought I already was using them.  The spring conference moved my thinking ahead a bit further.  If you still need to learn about Web 2.0, you may want to check out the August 2008 issue of Information Outlook**.  Articles include:

Podcasting: A New Way to Create, Capture and Disseminate Intellectual Capitalby Helen Clegg and Susan Montgomery – a how-to on podcasting that includes 10 things to consider when scoping out your podcast project plan (the following was included in the article):

  1. Define a podcast and how to produce one – this will help the uninitiated
  2. Look for examples of how competitors are using podcasts
  3. Reach out to your organization’s employees and ask them why they think podcasts are a good idea
  4. Put together examples of topics that could be presented
  5. Work out how much time will be required to produce a podcast (i.e., resource required in terms of people)
  6. What equipment will you need?
  7. What budget do you need for the series?
  8. Put together a timeline for getting the project underway
  9. Outline the key benefits to your organization
  10. Obtain buy-in from major stakeholders.

Hot New Web 2.0 Toolsby Jamal Cromity – describes “great combinations of web 2.0 tools that can enhance standard web pages, alerts, newsletters and list-serves and they can be incorporated into your workflows right now.”

Time to Step Out of the Box and Start Promoting Ourselvesby Stephen Abrahm – describes how “Our reputation will play out in the social Web space as much as anywhere else.  We need to get good at this.”

** You must be a member to read the articles online at the SLA site.

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