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Using strategy to develop the law firm library.

Consider Joining the Strategic Librarians Group on LinkedIn

Reminder to join LinkedIn group.

Are you a member of LinkedIn?  Have you joined any of the LinkedIn Groups?  There is a group for law librarians, legal IT, business librarians, marketing, knowledge management in law firms, SharePoint and more.  I’ve decided to join the ranks of individuals who have created groups by creating a Strategic Librarians Group.  The description: “This is a group for law firm librarians who think strategically or would like to operate in a strategic way, to broaden their knowledge and expertise by sharing ideas and experiences.” 

Strategic Librarians will be an active group where you can participate as little or as much as you want to.  We will have online networking meetings for like sized libraries, surveys where results are shared with the group, presentations by group members, etc.

Sign up for the Strategic Librarians Group and start connecting!

We will be sending out a survey later this month to learn more about the members of our group and, especially, to determine preferences and develop networking sub-groups if there is interest.

~ Nina Platt

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