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Resources for Learning About Information Audits

One of the questions that came out of the Business Case webinar we did last week was in regard to information audits.  What resources would you recommend for learning more about information audit? 

Information audits are one of the best tools we have for learning about lawyer needs.  You can conduct an audit when you are new to a firm and want to learn about the needs of the lawyers quickly, are onboarding a number of laterals or when the firm merges or acquires another firm.  In addition to using the audit when something changes, it should be used periodically (every 2-3 years).

FreePint publishes a report on information auditing.  They also publish articles from excerpts of the report.  Here’s the information about those reports and articles:

Henczel, Sue. Information Auditing Report and Toolkit, FreePint, 2007.  A sample of that report is available at

Henczel, Sue. Preparing and Planning an Audit, FreePint, October 2007. 

Wood, Steve.  Information Auditing: Key Concepts and How to get Started,  FreePint, November 2004.,  p.8.  [Note: this is an excerpt from a FreePint report: Information auditing: a guide for information managers (2004).

Other Information Audit Resources

In addition to the FreePint reports, there are a number of articles about conducting an information audit from a number of sources.  I’ve listed some of them here.  While some of the articles may seem dated, they still have value in defining the process.

Botha, Hannarei and J.A. Boon.  The Information Audit: Principles and Guidelines (PDF), Libri,  2003, pp. 21-38.

DiMattia, Susan S and Lynn Blumenstein.  “In Search of the Information Audit: Essential Tool or Cumbersome Process?”  Library Journal, March 1, 2001.

Dobson, Chris.  Beyond the Information Audit: Checking the Health of an Organization’s Information System, Searcher, July/August 2002.

Henczel, Sue.  The Information Audit as the First Step Towards Effective Knowledge Management, Information Outlook, June 2001

Jones, Rebecca and Bonnie Burwell.  “Information Audits: Building a Critical Process”, Searcher,  January 2004.

Finally, Connie Crosby recommended a class on information audits titled Information Audit & Mapping: From Idea to Action. University of Toronto, November 13-14, 2008.

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