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Mary Abraham on Why KM Needs Good Design

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j0438675I truly enjoyed reading Mary Abraham‘s post on KM design on Above and Beyond KMWhy KM Needs Good Design provides steps to take toward good design and references some great writing from other bloggers as well. One of Mary’s points in the post is what design isn’t – it isn’t just how a product looks.

I like to think that the user-centered design that Mary writes about includes:

  • Requirements design – what is needed? 
  • Project design – how will you get from start to finish?
  • Architecture design – how will individuals interact with or navigate the KM product or what is the structure going to be?
  • Visual design – What will the look and feel be?
  • Staffing design – who will be part of the initiative?

For those who are interested:  The Creating the Successful Law Firm Intranet webinar series we (Nina Platt Consulting and Southerton Consulting) presented this year included a session on user-centered design.  It applies to intranets but the same principles can be used for KM initiatives whether technology is used or not.  After all, the intranet is just another KM initiative.

One thought on “Mary Abraham on Why KM Needs Good Design

  1. Thanks for your kind words, Nina. The older I get, the more I appreciate good design and realize how rare it is. We often hope only to achieve something functional and don’t realize that good design can take us beyond merely functional to something life-enhancing. If we can achieve life-enhancement through well-designed KM initiatives, we’ll have accomplished something useful.

    – Mary