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Back to Blogging and LookUp Precision

It has been a while since I wrote a post for Strategic Librarian.  To be honest, it has been too busy to be able to get this in too.  Now that the pace of work has become less manic, I plan to get back to writing – something I really enjoy doing and I’ve missed.

What’s been keeping me so busy?  A couple things.  The first:

Nina Platt Consulting, Inc.  has recently partnered with Advanced Productivity Software, Inc.(APS) to manage the marketing, sales, account management and development of LookUp Precision.  

LookUp Precision isn’t new to me.  Before becoming a consultant where I advised clients on electronic resource management, I selected LookUp Precision for the last firm where I worked as director of the library.  It was a powerful tool for us and improved cost recovery significantly while giving us more control over passwords and resources.  

I’m excited to work with LookUp Precision again and to work with the firms that are using and will use the product.  In addition, I have a great team of individuals to work with me on the management of the product:

  • Lori Etheridge – Sales Executive
  • Emily Harder – Account Manager
  • Amy Witt – Project Specialist
  • Laurie Southerton – Marketing Manager
  • Dave Arnold – Product Specialist
  • John James – Research & Development Manager

The first four individuals are part of the NPCI team while Dave and John are part of the continuing support APS provides.  These folks, along with the development, technical support and accounting teams at APS  keep the product working for clients, introduce the power of the product to new clients and create new enhancements.  

The most recent enhancements include a new version of LookUp Precision coming out later this summer, and an import utility that clients can use to import Westlaw QuickView+ and Lexis PowerInvoice usage reports as well as other vendor usage reports. 

Along with that NPCI will be providing some consulting services to LookUp Precision clients without cost.  Briefly, they include some cost recovery, cost management, and electronic resource management services. 

Before I take my product leader hat off, I would like to invite those who are interested to see a demo of the product by calling or emailing Lori Etheridge – 612-235-7486 or  Also, for those interested, NPCI will continue to provide consulting services to law firms and legal information/software vendors.  For more information regarding those services, call or email me using the contact information found in the About page of this blog.

That being said, you will note that (while I haven’t in the past) I will have a bias towards LookUp Precision as I write about electronic resource management in the future.  At the same time, I plan to continue to write about the strategies firms need to put in place as they work to manage the electronic resources they have contracted for or subscribed to as well as other topics concerning library strategy and management.

NOTE:  The other project that I have been working on will be reported on another NPCI blog, the Law Firm Intranet.

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