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ILTA 09: Enterprise 2.0: What It Is and Why Should You Care

I’m at ILTA 09 this week at the Gaylord National near Washington DC.  I hope to make it to more programs than I have at other conferences this year.  Currently, I am sitting in the Enterprise 2.0 program with David Hobbie and Kevin O’Keefe as presenters. 

So far, David has gone over what enterprise 2.0 is and started on building a business case for it.  He’s included a run-down on SLATES, McAfee’s description of the functions of enterprise 2.0:

  • Signals
  • Linking
  • Authorship
  • Tagging
  • Extensibility
  • Search

See the slide show embedded in Enterprise 2.0 : What is it and will it find a place in law firms? for a description of each function.

What are the business cases David described?  I caught the following before he moved on to the rest of the program:

  • Increasing knowledge sharing
  • Communicating and collaborating more easily
  • Engaging employees

Kevin O’Keefe began his presentation with a discussion of how relationships are at the heart of the matter in social networking.  There is value in relationships that law firms don’t always value.  Developing deep friendships and strong relationships engage employees, improve production and make work more enjoyable.

Who can you network with?

  • Clients
  • Prospective clients
  • Refereral sources

Other thoughts from Kevin:

  • Enterprise 2.0 in law firms?  Law firms focus on tools.  with so many tools available, how can they make sense of how to select and use tools for social networking? 
  • Blogging? According to Kevin, thought leaders blog.  Blog is not about content, it is about engaging people in a discussion and then listening.  The engagement can be within or across networks.
  • Social Networking?  600,000 legal professionals added to LinkedIn since April 08.

To follow more programs on Enterprise 2.0 search for #ilta09e2 on Twitter.

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