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Response to Quote in ABA Article

Although I wear the LookUp Precision product manager hat in addition to the consulting I do for firms and other vendors, I have no intention of using this blog as a means to pitch LookUp Precision (except for ads you may see on the page once in a while).  That said, I have do have to make a comment about a quote in a  recent article in the ABA Journal Law News Now, Your Law Librarian Is Watching: ‘Hot Stuff’ Tracking Software Can Cut Costs, as I expect that many of you will read the article and not the comments I made below it.

The article originally stated that a ballpark price for LookUp Precision is $100,000.  After talking to the author, the article has been corrected to say:

A ballpark cost to track 1,000 different databases, according to one librarian who is considering LookUp Precision, is about $100,000 a year. (Nina Platt, product manager for LookUp Precision, says the $100,000 figure is inflated and “grossly incorrect,” but did not agree to publicize more specific prices in an interview with the ABA Journal.)

My comments left with the article are as follows:

  1. Comment made before article was changed:  I am the product manager for LookUp Precision.  The ballpark price you listed for LookUp is grossly incorrect.  That number is many times the price currently being paid by our clients.  Please make a correction.  I can only guess that the number came from one of our competitors who has been known to make incorrect statements about LookUp Precision’s cost and functionality.
  2. Comment made after the article was changed: LookUp Precision is not priced by number of databases tracked.  Rather it is tracked by number of unique users within a month.  If a user accesses one database during that month, he is tracked once.  If he accesses another database or returns to the same one he has used, he is not tracked again.  We are willing to share the pricing information for any interested firm but not in a public forum.

Being new to this vendor thing , I have been very surprised at how some vendors act.  I may be naive but I would not stoop to make incorrect statements about a competitor.  As I said in my comment above, I can only guess that a competitor provided the costs mentioned as the numbers would have never come from the LookUp Precision team.  I value direct honest communication and only know how to operate in that way.  What I’ve learned in the last few months is that one of our competitors does not hold the same values.   Very frustrating.

I’m stepping off my soap box now and calming down as best I can.  Thanks for listening.

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