Strategic Librarian

Using strategy to develop the law firm library.

Writers and Reviewers Wanted

We are looking for experienced and novice writers and reviewers to write guest posts on Electronic Resource Review, The Law Firm Intranet and Strategic Librarian.  If you have a story to tell or information to share, we need you.  No matter how brief or how long your article/post is, we will consider it.  Samples of ideas for articles/posts include but not limited to:

Electronic Resource Review

  • Notifications of new product releases, significant vendor actions, etc.
  • Review of single information product
  • Overview of information products for a particular subject
  • Postings that link our readers to reviews that have been done by others

Law Firm Intranet

  • Case studies on your’s or another firm’s intranet that focuses on how, why, what, etc. for all or a part of your intranet initiative
  • Case studies on knowledge management initiatives
  • How to do… (user research, usability testing, rollout, strategy, etc.)
  • 3rd party intranet product reviews

Strategic Librarian

  • The library as a business topics (strategic planning, creating business plans, etc)
  • Case studies or how to’s on creating new services or taking on new roles  like competitive intelligence, marketing research, conflicts, records management, etc.
  • Case studies on how you have approached a particular initiative (budgeting, information audits, etc.)
  • Management topics like communication, team building, change management, leadership, mentoring, managing techniques, developing good working relationships, etc.
  • Librarianship topics like competencies and skills needed to be a law firm or business librarian, library of the future, etc.

Those are just a few of the ideas I could come up with in the early morning hours when I attempt to get some blogging done.  I’m sure there are many more topics that you may be the right author to address.

If you are interested, please contact Emily Harder,, for writing guidelines.  If after you’ve read the guidelines and are still interested, Emily will set up a time for us to meet to discuss your idea.  Alternatively, if you have an idea for an article/post or have an article that is complete and just looking for a place to publish, email me, Nina Platt, at  Finally, if you have written and published an article that you think might fit into our blogs but you would like to see it have a wider audience, I’d like to hear from you too.

I encourage you to consider writing for one of our blogs and will pay a nominal fee for your articles or post depending on the length of the article.

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