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The Pirate Lawyers Recover Costs – Cost Recovery on the High Seas

The Pirate Lawyers Recover CostsA while back Greg Lambert at 3 Geeks and the Law posted a look at the legal industry through children’s eyes in the form of an online book on  In doing this, he made me think about how the same exercise could be applied to cost recovery of online resources.

My theory on why law firms are having problems recovering the costs of online research is that it is an issue that comes out of poor planning and communication followed by no one wanting to deal with the issues that arise.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that law firms should recover costs.  I’m saying that firms that have made the decision to do so, need to be proactive in how they handle cost recovery to make it more palatable to clients.

The result of all this thinking is a book created with and titled “The Pirate Lawyers Recover Costs”  that tells the tale of pirate lawyers and their swashbuckling ways.  As I couldn’t let myself play during the work day without some form of compensation, it does offer my consulting services on the last page.

I am giving away copies of the book to the first five firms that contact me to learn more about NPCI’s cost recovery planning services.  My email address is  All proceeds from the purchase of the book go to

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