Strategic Librarian

Using strategy to develop the law firm library.

Strategic Librarian Blog Posts that have Stood the Test of Time

I started the daily Pinhawk Librarian News Digest in the spring of 2011 and continued editing it until May of this year.  During that time I neglected this blog – posting only a few articles.  That’s going to change.  Starting today with 5 Practical Thoughts on Rightsizing the Law Firm Library – Budgeting for 2016, I will be posting on a regular basis providing insight as I can.  I hope you will find it useful.  In the meantime, here are 10 of the most read articles in case you haven’t seen them:

Writing a Business Case
Developing the Library Business Plan
Intranet/Portal Redesign: How to Develop a Winning Strategy
Managing Law Firm Library Overhead Expenses in 2009
The Future of Law Firm Libraries
Change Management & Knowledge Management
Cost Recovery of Online Legal Research: When is Overhead NOT Overhead
SLA Conference : Products of Note – Bloomberg Law
Current Awareness
Does Today’s Education System Prepare Students for Life?

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