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Creating a Successful Law Firm Intranet Series: Webinar 3 – Develop

We’ve opened registration for the third webinar in our current series titled “Creating a Successful Law Firm Intranet.”  This one is on Developing with Users, and continues the discussions about our five-phased intranet development approach, which includes research, design, development, rollout, and measurement/maintenance.  Register for the third session, or register for the rest of the series.  Options are available to purchase a recording of each of the first two sessions when registering. 

WEBINAR 3: Developing with users.

     Wednesday, July 23  Noon -1:00 PM Central Time

In this session you will learn:

  • Five pitfalls to avoid during development of your intranet.
  • How to create a test plan to ensure success.

This session is once again moderated by Nina Platt of Nina Platt Consulting, and presented by Amy Witt and Laurie Southerton, along with another law firm case study.  Other details include:

FEE: $30.00 US Save 15% when 5 or more attendees register from the same firm.


REGISTRATION:  Registration is by credit card or check. Registrations received after July 22, 2008 may not be accepted depending on space availability.  

SUBSTITUTIONS: Institutions that have remitted payment of the required fee are permitted to substitute a replacement attendee from the same institution in place of the original registrant at any time. 

GROUP REGISTRATIONS: Save 15% when 5 or more attendees register from the same firm. Please refer to the instructions on the registration form for registering more than one person for the event.

Mark your calendars for the next 2 webinars in this series:


Webinar 4: You built it, now will they come? Plan the successful intranet rollout. 
Wednesday, August 20  Noon -1:00 PM Central Time   


Webinar 5: Measure & Maintain: Planning for your Intranet’s future.
Wednesday, September 24  Noon -1:00 PM Central Time

We hope you will join us for another informative session!

Second webinar a success – Creating a Successful Law Firm Intranet 5-part series

We just finished presenting the second webinar in a five-part series on Creating a Successful Law Firm Intranet.  This time the topic was intranet design, and we included the five areas of intranet design as well as a law firm case study.  Amy Witt talked about requirements, project plans, and staffing; Laurie Southerton talked about architecture and visual design; and Meredith Williams gave an inside look at the design process within her firm, Baker Donelson.  The session was well-attended and jam-packed with great information!

After the session, a response to some feedback was posted on the Law Firm Intranet blog regarding the role of the library and your intranet.  During the webinar session, librarians were inadvertently left off the list of those who should be involved, which was obviously an oversight.  We won’t let that happen again!

The next three webinars in the series will focus on the next consecutive phases of intranet design: develop, rollout, and maintain/measure.  Mark your calendars to attend, and more information will be posted as registration opens for each session.  For those of you who want to hear it all, there will be an option to purchase the rest of the series as well as purchase recordings of the first two sessions.

Webinar 3Intranet Development: Develop with users.
     Wednesday, July 23 12-1:00 p.m. CDT

Webinar 4: You built it, now will they come? Plan the successful Intranet rollout.
     Wednesday, August 20 12-1:00 p.m. CDT

Webinar 5: Measure & maintain: Planning your Intranet’s future.
Wednesday, September 24 12-1:00 p.m. CDT

Stay tuned for more details.

-Amy Witt

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We’ve Changed

j0387759.jpgWe have a couple changes afoot here at Strategic Librarian.

First, as you have probably noticed, the look and feel of the site has changed.  I recently switched from IE 6 to IE 7 and found that the bullets in IE 7 didn’t display with the blog template I was using.  Since I am addicted to bullets in my writing, we needed to change the look and feel.

Second, we’ve created a new blog called The Law Firm Intranet.  While the current posts will stay on Strategic Librarian, going forward all postings on the topic of intranets and any knowledge management topic related to intranets, will be posted on that blog.  Please visit The Law Firm Intranet, or better yet,  when you get there, subscribe to get updates on what we have to share regarding law firm intranets.

Strategic Librarian will still be your go to place for all things related to strategic thinking, planning, library technology and other library management topics.