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The Rumours are True: LexisNexis buys Law360 Summarized

If you would like a summary of what legal writers and bloggers are saying about the LexisNexis Law360 acquisition, you may want to continue reading.

I’ve been editing the PinHawk Librarian News Digest just short of a year now.  I generally write brief comments (as brief as I can be) on the top 2-3 news items along with picking out the articles and blog posts to be included in the digest. Yesterday was different, instead of focusing on 2-3 topics, I decided to focus on the Law360 acquisition by LexisNexis.

The reason I went in this direction was that the number of writers/bloggers writing about the event, gave me a lot of content.  My post, The rumors are true: LexisNexis acquires Law360: Now what? is a summary of the details of the purchase along with commentary provided by those articles/blogs.

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