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LAC Group & Rapid Research Solutions: R2S

LAC_LogoI’ve made a few career changes over the last few years, but nothing compares to what I am currently doing.  I was asked to join LAC Group last year and was very excited to start in July after discussions with law librarian, founder, and CEO, Deb Schwarz, and industry veteran and COO, Rob Corrao.  What I’ve found since I started is that LAC Group is as innovative and dynamic as they both told me.

LAC Group started out as a law library consultancy in Los Angeles and has since grown into an international company that serves law firms but also serves government, corporations, financial services, professional services, academia, and broadcast and media.  Often thought of as a recruiting company,  LAC Group is much more as it offers consulting, information management, and expense reduction services.  Each of those areas cover many types of services.  You can view the LAC Group website to learn more.

As Senior Director of Legal Market Services, I provide consulting to law firms but I have another responsibility that I think demonstrates how innovative LAC Group really is.  While we’ve always provided research services, in 2012 we took it a step further with the introduction of a new service called Rapid Research Solutions: R2S.  With R2S, we provide both on-demand and in-depth research services complete with a research portal.   As the manager of the service, I worked on the initial launch of the service with Michele Lucero joining me in October as Director of Business Development and Client Services.  Since then we’ve been meeting with law firm library directors and staff across the country extolling the service’s virtues – and there are many.

A research portal is part of the R2S offering.  It allows users to make a request, track the progress of the request, and retrieve the results in the format the firm has specified.  A recent press release explains more about it – LAC Group Introduces the R2S Portal to Support its On Demand Research Business.

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Competitive Intelligence: Using the Internet to Research Private Companies

The Society of Competitive Intelligence (SCIP)is sponsoring another program on secondary research.  This time a one hour webinar, Using the Internet to Research Private Companies, on Wednesday, December 12th, 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST.  The posting states that you will know how to do the following upon completion of the webinar:

  • Develop a road map for secondary research
  • Dig deep into a company’s web presence
  • Use social networks and other tools to research people

Being a member of SCIP provides a generous discount from the non-member price of the webinar.  It also gives you monthly issues of the Competitive Intelligence (CI) magazine published by the group.  I’ve found it very useful.  Check out the benefits page for more information about membership.

 The more I see these types of programs being offered, the more it seems like this is the time to make a case for librarians as CI professionals.

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